Starting counselling can feel daunting, so my work is to create a safe, non-judgemental space in which you can feel secure, supported and understood.

During our work together, we will explore and process the difficulties you are experiencing.  We are all affected by life’s journey and often have deep-rooted, painful issues that can prevent us from reaching our potential and establishing and maintaining healthy relationships.

For therapy to be effective, there needs to be a collaborative process between us.  It can help to think of the therapeutic process and your journey as a walk through a forest.  When starting a walk, you have an idea of where you are heading but might feel lost or unsure of which path to take along the way.  As your counsellor, I am there to walk with you and perhaps point out alternative routes we could explore or noticing if we keep passing through the same place.  Similar to two people on a walk, for the majority of the journey we will walk side by side.  There may be points along the way where the pathway becomes too narrow for us both so one of us will have to lead the way, with the other following for a while.  There may also be obstacle along the way, seeming like your path is blocked.  I will be there to help and support you to find a way over.