Often taking the first step and seeking support is the hardest so I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation, so you can get a sense of how we may connect as I feel the relationship is key to successful therapeutic change.

Our first session will be an opportunity for us to assess whether we feel we can work well together and there is no obligation.  During the initial session we will talk about your situation, what you are seeking from therapy and your background, as well as how we could work together towards your personal goals for therapy. These can be short-term goals, such as developing coping strategies or having support for a specific difficulty in your life, or goals that require longer-term work and open-ended therapy, such as on-going life situation, childhood trauma or multiple stressors in your life.

Sessions are weekly and held at the same time each week.

Individual counselling sessions are 50 minutes and £50 per session.

Couples counselling sessions are 60 minutes and £70 per session.